About Us


Our Story

In Blank Space is a Kolkata based interior design firm also offering services like architecture, landscaping and space planning. We design interiors tailored just for you. We are dedicated in providing the highest level of service possible and understand the importance of working with people who are both intelligent and enjoyable. Our clients demand both these qualities when retaining a design firm – and we fulfill the criteria.

What We Offer

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We Understand Requirements

Our tagline says - interior design tailored for you, this completely sums up our thoughts. We understand what you need. Our designs are NEVER repeated.

We Work Precisely ​

We have completed all our projects with finesse and precision. Our team presents conceptualized layout to clients to finalize and then carries out the construction soon after.

We Deliver Best Output​

Our strength lies in our passion for creativity, bringing unique elements to both modern and traditional designs. We take pride in designing interiors that are new age, ergonomic and suited to your taste.

Our Expert Team

We provide the best service in the industry. Do not hesitate. You can get in touch with us with just a click.

Sumanto Ghosh


Gayatri Banerjee


We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Do not hesitate. You can get in touch with us with just a click.