Our Services

We provide the most experienced team of people to make your wish come true. We take care of all your needs and execute it with perfection paying attention to every details.

Meticulous Planning​

Each and every details are paid utmost importance while working. Our team loves to flaunt their experience in putting forward a great work.

Completion On Time​

Not just a great work but also delivered on time is what we do. Here time management is practiced by every individual and hence shown in our work.

Perfect Execution​

Perfection is what we are good at and that’s what we do.

Affordable Prices​

We use top notch materials at the best market prices.

Our Specialization

Besides being an interior design firm, In Blank Space is also an interior architectural firm. We not only give you the aesthetics but also the functionality of the space. We specialize in customer satisfaction and leaving a touch of own made awe striking effect.

Interior Design

Interior design is one of our strongest forte. We know the art and science of enhancing the environment of your interior to make it healthier and aesthetically pleasing. Allow us to unleash the optimum potential of your space with In Blank Space.

Terrace and Deck / Balcony design

The best place to unwind and relax is always a beautiful and cozy terrace or a balcony. Our designs will always prioritize your comfort. Now you can turn a simple terrace/balcony into your private leisure space with our elegant and chic designs.

Space panning and management

Our space planning caliber has been acknowledged by many. In Blank Space engages is space planning for homes, offices and retail outlets. We bring out the most effective way to plan and lay out your limited space which would satisfy you. Without effective space planning, the whole project can lack solidarity of form and function.

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is the designing of your interior in architectural terms. We design your interior addressing all aspects of human use of the structural space. We focus on the functionality of all the available space and how it can be utilized in the best way possible.

Project Implementation

Once the final design is approved, the execution or implementation phase marks the realisation of the design. We prepare a detailed schedule of works, choreographing construction, installations and finishing in their proper sequence, which may be in the form of a Gantt Chart. In Blank Space supervises every step of implementation, starting from material procurement to craftsmen arrangement to design implementations to handover of site.


In Blank Space also undertakes refurbishment projects. We do refurbishment work with new and innovative ideas. We transform your old space into a brand new one which will amaze you. Our types of refurbishments work include modernizations, extensions, conversions, upgrading, alterations and cosmetic renovations.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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